Let’s make R.A.W. the new rage.

September 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

There must be a balance in the church world today. We need a balance between how relevant we are to our world, and how radical we are to God. We must be visitor sensible and Spirit sensitive at the same time.

This is the day of the hour and fifteen minute service. Why? In short – we are busy and so is the world that we are trying to reach. It makes sense to grab a changeless message and contextualize it for an ever-changing culture. However, somewhere in all of the relativity I fear we are losing our raw passion. If I guarantee that we are going to be out of church in exactly an hour and fifteen minutes, when does God have a chance to step in? When do I have a chance to express myself to my God in whatever creative fashion I chose?

Remember, the Book of Acts order in the first chapter is that the word passion is found before the word power: a precedent and a pattern. Where there is much passion there will be much power.

The bible states that Elijah was a man of like passion as we, and he operated in a realm of great power. This power arrived on the coat tails of his radical fervor for God. I find it interesting that his young apprentice Elisha, when asked what he wanted to receive after 10 years of service, simply said, “A double portion of your spirit.” He didn’t ask for God’s spirit, but a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. I think Elisha understood that if he could get more of his mentor’s passion, he would in-turn receive double power.

If there is going to be a greater work in the latter days like the bible prophesied, surely there must be a greater passion amongst God’s people to facilitate it. I feel challenged personally by God to forge forward in pursuit of authentic, raw passion. After which there will be a flow of power like I have never experienced.

Raw should be the new rage. Like the woman with the issue, the crowds shouldn’t dictate whether we touch Jesus or not. Like her, our biggest obstacles are people not principalities. Like her, let’s do what it takes to break through the crowd, that we might touch the Christ. Like her, our rad and raw passion for Jesus will result in the impartation of new power and wholeness.

Anybody ready to make raw the new rage?


Radical. Authentic. Worship.

What’s your acronym for R.A.W.?