Rahab, have you thanked your spies lately?

September 27, 2012

This is a guest post by Michael Glover, my twin brother. He lives in Wasilla, AK, with his wife Megan, and their 2 high maintenance cats. He is about to become a Father, loves CrossFit, and is emerging as a disciple of Jesus.

My brother, Greg, preached a message recently that asked the question, “What was the purpose of the spies?”

You find the story in Joshua 2. Joshua sends two spies to check out the Promised Land, but especially Jericho.


God already knew how He planned to conquer this city. Easy. He would have the nation of Israel do what they do best.


God wanted to show them what a little unity of purpose could accomplish, along with his power. Wow. (God’s people could use a refresher course on this principle.)

Why did Joshua send out the spies? I think he remembered 40 years ago when Moses sent him along with 11 others out to spy the land. They brought back an abundance of grapes, stories of milk and honey and contagious fear. Did this make Joshua wary this time around? Did he need some reassurance?


However, he learned from Moses’ method, and sent the spies in secret. (Sometimes leaders need to spy out the promise land in secret, see what they are facing, strategize and then tell Israel, makes sense.)

However, we still haven’t explained the purpose of the visit.

What did the spies accomplish?

  1. Were seen instantly, so they hid in Rahab’s house
  2. Rahab covered for them with the king
  3. The king closed the gate, they went over the side
  4. They did hear that everyone was terrified of Israel. Good news
  5. Rahab made a deal that spared her and her entire family

Really that’s it … well … Rahab did make the ‘hall of faith’ (Heb 11) and the genealogy of Jesus Christ: but you know, no big … Is this why the spies were sent to Jericho?

Did God do all of that, just so Rahab could become part of His family tree?

Think about it

Now think about your life. What did God orchestrate in your own life? Who was at the right place at the right time for you?

For me it was SFC Valinda Lewis, at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX.

At a critical moment in my life, God put her in my path.

  1. She didn’t attend church in the same organization I did (You know we aren’t the only show in town, right?)
  2. My spirit agreed with hers
  3. Many, many times she was the standard the Lord lifted up against him (Isaiah 59:19)
  4. She is the reason I didn’t fall off the deep end
  5. I left there with my problems
  6. But I left there with her example, her Christian love and her insistence that God had plans for me
  7. That burned in my soul, and began to break up the scar tissue, and bitterness in my spirit.

Sgt. Lewis, as I called her, was my platoon sergeant during my combat medic training.

In the training environment, sergeants aren’t your friend. Sgt. Lewis broke protocol to perform God’s will. Sgt. Lewis “watched my six”.

She’s my spy.

I emailed her yesterday. I used to call her my guardian angel. This time I just thanked her again for her impact in my life. I told her that God sent her to Ft. Sam Houston, TX to reach me at a critical moment in my spiritual life. It’s good to let your spy know you’re still thankful.

Being a spy can be a lonely business

Spies sometimes wonder why Joshua even sent them to your city.

Have you thanked your spy recently?