Which is more important? Presentation or Content?

September 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

I love to read, and believe that reading is a must for the growth of any leader. I have a decent stash of various books on theology, polity, and the like. And of course, I have plenty of Louis L’amour books as well. I love to kick back with a book in my hand and absorb the content.

With the advance of technology you no longer have to purchase actual books. With the iPad, Nook, and the Kindle, a person can electronically purchase books that are delivered right to their reading device. The interfacing is great, the books are easily accessible, and you don’t have to lug 10 books in your bag – just bring your iPad.

However, I haven’t made the switch yet.

I still like to hold an actual book in my hand (I don’t like hardbacks). I guess you could say that’s old school. However, the only difference between a book and an electronic book is the presentation. The content is the same. The presentation has changed.

I will eventually hang up my cardigan and reading spectacles, and join the global masses as we all benefit from this technology.

How we do church is constantly changing.

It makes some people nervous when the songs change, the dress becomes more casual, and the “look” of the sanctuary is modified. In other words – the presentation has changed. But the content is still the same.

What is more important?

Do you prefer e-books or old school?

Can an author sign your e-book?