Praise works.

October 18, 2012

Praise can get you out.

That’s not a cliché phrase.

It’s a principle proven through the length and breadth of Scripture.

It’s not a guarantee that God will want you out of every circumstance: even if that’s the case – praise helps.

Joseph’s own ill intentioned brothers threw him into a dry pit (Genesis 37:24-26). At first glance, it’s obvious they wanted to kill him. He’d been stripped of his expensive coat, and now it was just a matter of how their act of murder would be carried out.

Then Judah stepped in.

The same Judah, who received his name because Leah his mother had decided no matter what her circumstances were – she was going to praise the Lord.

Praise was given a voice.

Joseph’s enemies should have plugged their ears, because at the moment praise is given the floor – something is going to change.

For Joseph, his change equaled his deliverance. Praise lifted him up. Praise started him down the path to his destiny.

Ever been publicly stripped, or hated by jealous brethren? Maybe you are in a dry place that you can’t crawl out of on your own.

I don’t have a 10-step process to your promise, or 7 ways to feel better.

I offer you Judah.

Praise has been known to produce earthquakes in prisons.

Praise caused Philistines to release David. It has added 15 years to a man’s life after God gave him a death sentence.

In short – Praise works.

Let Judah have the last word.