Play those Cards!

September 28, 2012

I would hate to know that someone else could win with the hand that I’ve been dealt.

This quote by Pastor John Harrell shook me out of negative thinking. I was putting together a list of all the reasons why I couldn’t do this or be that. Then I heard that quote.

What if somebody else became CEO of my gifting and potential? Could they do more and be more with what I’ve been handed?


We can spend too much capital on what we don’t have, when the miracle is in what we do have (Peter – such as I have, give I thee).

Maybe we don’t see what we’ve been given because it’s still in raw form. God gave Adam a chair and a couch, when He gave Adam a tree. Sometimes our resources are nothing more than raw material that needs to be cultivated and developed. Don’t let that fact stop you from seizing your moment and destiny.

While preaching about Shamgar handing 600 Philistines a good old fashioned beat down; I noticed that all he had in his hand was an ox goad. It was enough.

Fast-forward the tape a few years to 1 Samuel 13. Israel is again dealing with the Philistines. Israel has been completely stripped of their weaponry.

Or have they?

I Samuel 13:21 points out that there were ox goads in spades. Ox goads. The same tool that Shamgar turned into a weapon and single handedly delivered Israel. (I won’t even mention the fact that Israel was living on top of iron rich land.)

What would Shamgar have done with the hand Israel had been dealt?

No doubt he would have kicked some Phili tail.

What about you? Do you need to take another look at the hand you’ve been dealt?

It might be a good idea to look at your raw abilities with the God given creativity you have to make the raw become reality.

Gage yourself through the lens of Shamgar’s story. What would he do with what you have in your hand?

Remember, it’s not about what you don’t have.

What God has already given you is enough to fulfill your God given purpose on this planet. Cultivate it.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it all wrong. That ox goad in your hand isn’t a tool – it’s a weapon.