It just takes one believer

April 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Making Jesus famous, one life at a time: that is our mission at ConnectPoint.  That is why we exist as a church.

Recently, I thought about the Queen of Sheba and Solomon.  She was drawn to Solomon because of how famous he was.  She heard of the fame of Solomon and left the uttermost part of the earth to see if there was any truth to the rumors she had heard.  Sure enough, when the Queen of Sheba met Solomon she was so overwhelmed that she literally fainted.

In Matthew 12:42, Jesus compared believers to the “queen of the south” and Himself to Solomon.  Just like the fame of Solomon reached the uttermost parts of the earth, Jesus’ fame is being spread to the highest and lowest areas of Spokane.  At least, that is what we are trying to do at ConnectPoint.

I noticed in the scriptures a powerful truth while meditating on this bible truth. 2 Chronicles 9:23 says that kings came from all over the earth to hear and see Solomon.  This happened after Solomon influenced one person.  The queen started a revival.  One non-Israelite did more for the fame of Solomon than all of the Israelites together.

One unbeliever, turned believer, can do more for an explosion of Jesus’ fame than all of ConnectPoint put together.  People expect us to declare His majesty; they are amazed when somebody they know as non-religious, begins to proclaim it.

I think we are one convert away from explosive growth.  One miracle, salvation, deliverance, etc, and then others will come to check out what’s going on – because of the fame of Him.

Make it your priority this week to get that one person in Church.  Who knows, you may be starting something epic.