1 Thing that will change your life.

August 12, 2011 — Leave a comment

Moses was the meekest man (other than Jesus) to grace the pages of scripture. He was anything but a self-made man. He had the privilege of being placed into the pathway of some great coaches.

He gleaned from many hives, and produced his own honey, thereby making himself that much sweeter at his God called job. The meek spirit Moses had enabled him to allow many different mentors into his life who aided him in his emergence.

1. Jethro taught him delegation (Exodus 18:18-22).

2. Horab taught Moses how to focus on the details (Numbers 10:29-32).

3. Egypt trained him in the wisdom of empirical business (Acts 7:22).

4. His sheep trained him in leadership (Exodus 3:1).

5. Aaron helped him with public speaking (Exodus 4:14-16).

6. His wife showed him the importance of establishing their children in the covenant of God (Exodus 4:22-26).

7. God spoke countless words into his life. Some of which he wrote down in stone.

Not one of us has arrived at the apex of knowledge and understanding. Learning on a daily basis is vital to growth in any area of life. I’m not negating the influence of God in our endeavors: I am stating God requires us to do our part while He is doing His.

We need help. And help is readily available. The Internet has an endless amount of great information just a click away. Blogs, articles, podcasts, vodcasts, leadership summits – and the list goes on, Da da dum da dum da da.

There are people you rub shoulders with daily who have powerful insights which literally could inspire you to take your next step. When Moses was mentored, he never sought out a generalist – he always used specialists. Not one man had every answer for every area in Moses’ life.

The mentor myth is we will find somebody who can speak into our lives and produce needed stability at every level. This just isn’t factual. It’s much better to search out specialists to aid you in specific arenas of your life.

The guy who helps you with your spiritual growth may not be able to help you order your finances. The financial guru may not have a clue as to what you need to change in your family. The family counselor may be overweight and can’t possibly give you advice concerning your health. The health nut helps you lose weight but probably can’t give advice concerning your marriage. The marriage counselor isn’t the individual to help you itemize your business needs.

I’m sure you get my point: specialists are better than generalists.

I was a walking traffic jam when I first stepped into ministry. I didn’t know how to dress, handle myself, preach, or anything else. I had specific people God put into my path who helped me in specific areas.

1. Jim Blackshear taught me what dress clothes to buy and how to handle myself with other preachers.

2. Mike Henderson taught me how to successfully run an altar service.

3. Brent Brosam taught me how to organize my notes and develop a system for storing my material.

4. My dad and Gordon Parrish used their influence to open doors for me which allowed me to preach in a variety of churches.

5. My dad showed me what books to read. Bishop Blackshear taught me how to stay true to the Text.

6. Greg Godwin taught me to listen to other preachers and learn from their style and substance.

This list isn’t inclusive but it illustrates some of the specialists I had in my formative years of ministry. They put tools in my hand but I had to do the building.

I later learned that I could glean much from mentors I never had face-to-face contact with. Education through erudition has enabled my emergence. Specific authors spoke to me through their writing and I took copious notes. Speakers, bloggers, and the like, have all been very instrumental in my growth as a pastor. They don’t know me, but I’ve been handed tools through information which has produced transformation.

Without the meekness of Moses we will never employ the advice of a mentor. We have to be teachable. Prideful rigidity reduces our ability to grow. Self-made and proud of it, is the spirit of our age.

Moses isn’t known for who spoke into his life: he is known for his impact. Leading three million people out of bondage and into their future is his lasting legacy. He was helped along the way and honored to this day for his heroism.