You can wear linen now. Should you?

June 6, 2012

You can officially wear linen.

I don’t really know who stated that you couldn’t wear linen until after Memorial Day; but that is the rule I live by. I am happy to say you can finally wear linen until Labor Day.

Which is also a weird rule.

And yet, I live by it. I wouldn’t want to offend anybody out there in fashion land.

So my first chance this year to wear a linen suit was last Sunday. However, the weather was very cold, and very wet.

The conditions were perfect for wool.

Linen? Not so much.

While I love the crumpled, wrinkled look of linen – it doesn’t work that well with water. So needless to say, I wore wool.

Just because I could wear linen, didn’t mean I should. While it is the right season for linen, the conditions I was in weren’t agreeable.

I think that is a mature way to look at our journey with Jesus.

There are some things that are allowed, that aren’t sin, but you really shouldn’t do them because the conditions you are in aren’t right.

Perhaps you are around weaker Christians. Or maybe your church culture isn’t conducive to specific actions.

Whatever the case may be, permission doesn’t always line up with condition. Take both of these factors into account when deciding on whether something is expedient or not (I Corinthians 6:12).