Would the Egyptians have dreamed if Joseph hadn’t showed up?

February 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

What kind of impact have you made in your city?

How large a footprint have you left in your community?

Would your church be missed in the city if you closed your doors today?

Joseph was a dreamer

God had given Joseph 2 dreams that revealed his future in a fantastic fashion.

First, he was in the field with his brothers binding sheaves, and his sheaf arose, causing his brother’s sheaves to make obeisance to his sheaf. Secondly, he dreamed of the heavens: the sun, moon, and stars all made obeisance to Joseph.

These dreams grew in their size and promise. In the first, Joseph’s harvesting skills were the focus. In the second, Joseph himself was the focus.

These dreams elevated from the earth to the heavens.

Dream Drip

What did all this mean? Surely, Joseph knew he was headed for big things, but he didn’t perceive how it would all unfold.

  • He was betrayed by his brother’s and sold into slavery.
  • In Egypt, he was lied on and thrown into prison.
  • God is a mysterious God.

In prison, he came in contact with a couple of men that were connected to Pharaoh. They both dreamed dreams that left them troubled. Joseph happened to notice the consternation on their countenance, and enquired about their problems.

They told Joseph about their dreams. Joseph wisely communicated to them that only God could interpret dreams. Then Joseph interpreted their dreams, because God had gifted him in this capacity. 2 years later, when Pharaoh was dreaming and couldn’t find an interpreter, one of these men told Pharaoh of a man in prison, named Joseph, who could interpret dreams.

Notice how many people are dreaming in Egypt.

Egypt is dreaming because Joseph is dripping dreams.

The dreamer came into Egypt, and everybody started dreaming.

There isn’t any biblical record of anybody dreaming in Egypt until Joseph showed up.

Now, it seems as if everybody is dreaming.

These dreams were dreams of destiny. These dreams were prophetic. These dreams were life changing.

I don’t know what your gifting is. I do know you’ve been gifted to make an impact.

What kind of impact has your gifting made in your community?

  • Are the marriages getting better because of yours?
  • Are families living in greater community and love because of your family’s example?
  • Are people getting healed of sickness and handicaps because of your prayers?
  • Is the city getting safer?
  • Are the homeless getting housing?
  • Are the hungry getting fed?
  • Are those far from God getting connected?
  • Are your employees working harder?
  • Are people looking at their money in a biblical way?

We were created to make an impact in our communities.

I want Egypt to dream because we showed up.