Easter Fact: Jesus was naked

March 7, 2012

Easter is almost here.

Churches are scrambling to come up with a fresh program or campaign to connect with one of the biggest attendances they will have all year.

Helicopter egg drops are popular.

Easter dramas are always a big-ticket item.

Jesus on the Cross

I have viewed some pretty great Easter programs in my day. Some Easter dramas are world class, while others are smaller and written in-house.

I’ve seen live animals and giant crosses, stones rolled from tombs, and Jesus lifted into the ceiling. Each drama has power behind it. And every single drama ends victorious!

Jesus is not dead – He is alive.

Jesus was naked

It’s impossible to adequately portray the absolute shame that Jesus endured for our sake. We have Jesus covered by clothing, when in fact He was completely naked.

Absolute shame.

Jesus was uncovered so that you and I could be covered! He endured the shame of the cross so that you would have a way to deal with your shame.

Our shame

We don’t get stripped down naked in the natural, but we still experience varying levels of shame.

  • You had a dark secret exposed.
  • Or you had a personality flaw revealed.
  • Maybe your innocence was taken from you in an act of sexual assault.
  • Perhaps you were violated through social media like Facebook, or Twitter.

We experience shame.

However your shame came to you, I know where you can take it.

Take it to Jesus

It’s too heavy for you to carry.

Calvary wasn’t just for your sins and sickness, it was also for your shame. Take your shame to the blood of Jesus and let it cover you.

Remember, He was made naked, so you could be covered.