Jesus Loves Me.

May 8, 2012

Jesus loves me!

At least five times in scripture John called himself the disciple whom Jesus loved. John is the same writer that brought us the truth that God is love.

John personalized this truth, thereby making it that much more powerful. Jesus loves me.

This truth encapsulated John.

  • He was free to express his love and devotion to Jesus.
  • Peer pressure had no hold on John.
  • John didn’t allow fear to hinder either, because perfect love casts out fear.
  • John was the writer that wrote more of Jesus’ nature than any other writer in the New Testament.
  • The understanding that he was loved of Jesus, freed him to see Jesus.

It is one thing to recognize that God is love. However, if individuals will personalize this truth they will forever be changed.

  • They will finally experience a freedom in their worship.
  • Fear will begin to dissipate.
  • Boldness will replace timidity.

All of this is the result of a very simple revelation – Jesus loves me.