I believe in you: heard that lately?

July 3, 2012

I believe in you.

Those are powerful words.

Rarely spoken.

Mary was tasked with carrying God to full term. She was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost, and highly favored to be the one lady that God would call Mom.

The circumstances of her pregnancy were nothing short of supernatural. Who would believe her?

I can’t imagine the disdain and disbelief that she encountered during her 9 months of pregnancy. Surely most would have thought her story was scandalous and sensationalistic (perhaps that’s why Mary kept her growing miracle relatively secret).

He believed it

Joseph wasn’t one of them. He was one of the few that believed her.

Mary must have had her faith hit another level when Joseph bought into her miracle.

Most would have put her away. Written her off. Called her crazy.

Joseph believed her unbelievable story

Just a cursory view of the Old Testament reveals stunning requests from God to man. Walk naked (Isaiah). Marry a prostitute (Hosea). Eat bread with Dung (Ezekiel).

The bloggers would have been critical. Twitter would have been blown up. It was all still God.

Our God does some pretty crazy things. He uses people when He executes them.

These people need to hear from us that we believe in them. There is enough self-doubt and wondering going on in their own hearts. The devil is speaking lies of intimidation to them trying to throw them off track. They don’t need Debbie the doubter to write the epitaph over their God given dreams.

I’m making a concerted effort to be a Joseph. I want my words to speak life into conceived miracles.

I believe in you

Just recently I received a text message from a mentor of mine. I believe in you, was the entire message. 4 words that arrived during a season in my life where I needed to hear life and not death.

I believe in you.

Let’s speak these words more often. And let the bodies hit the floor.