How’s your short game?

October 26, 2011 — Leave a comment

Who cares? I don’t like golf.

I’ve attempted to make my way into the golfing community: but to no avail.

I was a baseball player. I can’t get over my baseball swing when I golf. I power down and slice or nail grounders. Every once in a great while I am gifted with a lucky shot that actually elevates off the turf: but those are few and far between.

Habits are tough to break.

The belief that I need to exert my power to create greater loft is also a problem I suffer with in my relationship with God. The learned human paradigm is that one must excel with personal charisma and championed skills to be successful. That very well may be true in the world, but in the real world, it’s a different matter altogether.

We must learn to rely on His power and not our own. We can’t save ourselves. We cannot save people. We cannot heal anybody. Our wisdom won’t fix the leaking cisterns of cultivated religion.

Paul, as learned as any, declared that he lived in the power of Jesus. Simon Peter recognized his shortcomings and tarried in Jerusalem until he received the power of Jesus. The Bibles’ best and brightest all bowed to His power, or failed.

Really that is our only option. Live in His power, or fail. Our need to control has to surrender to His will and way.

It feels unnatural. Uncanny. Even weak.

That’s the intent. For us to know that our insufficiencies are made sufficient through His Spirit.

It was His justification.

It was His sacrifice.

It was His word.

It was His mission.

It was His name.

Get the idea? 

Then why are you still trying to power down?

Get a good grip. Learn to perfect the rhythm, and let the Head do the rest.