Dude – hit my truck one more time …

October 1, 2012

This is a post by Michael Glover, my twin brother. He lives in Wasilla, AK, with his wife Megan, and their 2 high maintenance cats.

We Glover boys speak our own short hand style language.

We use events that happened back in the day (I am 37 years old, so “back in the day”, is now in my vernacular toolbox). We use key words from things we’ve seen or experienced in our past to describe situations, or actions in our present. We can literally sum up an entire social event, how we are feeling or encourage one another, with a few words only we understand.

It’s tight, we know what we’re talking about, or predicting: you don’t that’s the point.

“Dude, hit my truck one more time …” we picked up from the “fight that almost happened”.

For some reason this guy (Scott) wanted to fight (Anthony). I mean he was snorting through his nose, pawing the ground, kicking dirt with his back feet – everything short of actually getting it on and throwing a punch.

As usual, there were many people crowding around, testosterone flowing, armchair quarterbacks calling Anthony all kinds of names trying to instigate him into action.

After ten minutes or so, Anthony, with Scott yapping at his heels, started getting into his truck. Problem solved – leave. Scott sensing victory slapped Anthony’s truck.

And … things changed instantly. Anthony turned on him and said, “Dude hit my truck one more time…” (And we’re fighting).

Yes! It’s on like Donkey Kong! The crowd went crazy, but … Scott didn’t hit his truck. He danced and started ducking and weaving, fists in the air … but … he didn’t and never did hit Anthony’s truck.

He backed down.

So that’s what that phrase means: backing down. Too intimidated to try, or just doing a lot of talking about a new opportunity, without actually acting on it.

My brother recently preached, “More power please”.

God, I am tired of doing what I can do, start doing things in my life that I couldn’t do by myself! Do the miraculous through me!

That’s where I am with Jesus. I am pawing the ground. I am yapping at His heels, snorting like a bull.


Peter hit that point about Matthew 14:28-29.

Jesus told them to cross over to the other side; they hit a storm and started having trouble. Same old stuff, different day.

You ever notice how Jesus used the comfortable, Sea of Galilee, to make Peter uncomfortable? Getting uncomfortable in your comfort zone is how Jesus works in your life.

Jesus walked in their direction. The disciples wet themselves, but Peter goes ok, I am going to challenge God.

Lord if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”(Matt 14:28 AMP)

And Jesus replied, “Dude hit my truck one more time…”

He said, Come!” (Matt 14:29 AMP)

And Peter hit the truck!

“… So Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water …” (Matt 14:29 AMP)

Stop right there! We aren’t going further!

Everyone knows the rest of the story

No one knows what it feels like to walk on water! No one knows what it feels like to hop over the side of the boat, and defy all the laws of nature!

God give me that challenge!

You know it will probably sound a little like that voice in your head telling you to go talk to that person in the store about Jesus. Or the one asking you, “Why don’t you ask if you can pray for her?”

However Jesus says it – I want to hit the truck … one more time!

In fact, I might not even hit the truck; I might go straight to a double leg takedown!