Got Connection?

June 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

I have been having a few problems with my gas grill. Which is a problem, because around here, it’s grilling season. Every Friday during the warm months, us Glover’s generally have burgers (and every Monday is turkey chili day).

I couldn’t get enough heat. I had the gas on, the flame was burning, and still I couldn’t get enough temperature to do any kind of cooking. I banged it around a few times like a guerilla, scratched my head, and decided I would just return it. Then my Dad, who actually has a brain, checked the gas line connection, tightened it, and now we have heat!

Increased connection produced intense heat. The connection between the fuel and flame is the key.

Have you noticed the heat dying down in your important relationships? Maybe it’s time to check your connections.

Relationship with God:

  1. How is your giving? An odd first question, but your wallet is a great indicator of your walk.
  2. Is your prayer life hurried?
  3. When was the last time you fell in love with the fact that you are loved?
  4. Have you been listening to the voice of condemnation?
  5. Have you been too focused on the hands of God and in the process neglected His face?
  6. Are you too religious?

Relationship with your spouse:

  1. Is social media taking over your life?
  2. Are you scheduling some alone time with each other?
  3. Have you been neglecting your intimate discussions?
  4. Are you too selfish right now?
  5. Have you left some things unsaid that need to be opened up and dealt with?
  6. Are you allowing a personal relationship with somebody, not your spouse, to enter the danger zone?

Relationship with other believers:

  1. Have you been missing from your weekly services?
  2. Is there somebody you need to confront, because of personal pain they’ve caused, before bitterness takes over your spirit?
  3. Are you actively pursuing relationships with other families outside of scheduled services?
  4. Have you been praying for other believers?
  5. Who are you mentoring? Who is mentoring you?