Before Goliath

April 12, 2011 — Leave a comment

Whenever David began running at Goliath with the intent to kill this mammoth of a man, there was another man in front of Goliath.  The bible says that Goliath had a man holding a shield standing in front of him.  Inbetween David and his target was a distraction.

It is intriguing how right before you come face to face with your destiny, often times there will be a distraction sent to get you off track.  It is something that isn’t a threat to kill you, just there to get you off track. The bible doesn’t say that this man was holding a weapon, just a shield.  This man isn’t going to kill David.  But if for one moment David would have focused on him, Goliath, the real target, would have killed him.

What is the distraction in front of your Goliath?  Right in front of your epoch revival.  Inbetween you and your greatest ministry.  Is it a girlfriend?  Is it an extra job?  Is it a new hobby?  Is it a new circle of friends?  Social networking?  Is your distraction a ministry area that is good, but not great?  What is it?

Don’t let the man with the shield distract you from fulfilling your destiny.