God is green: He wants your dirt

February 13, 2012

All humans are dirty.

We were made from the dust of the ground.

Actually, God didn’t produce any kind of life on our planet until He first raised the dirt out of the water.

God is green.

He uses dirt to produce. That’s His modus operandi.

It’s a Biblical fact that should elevate our faith.

Who doesn’t have a little dirt?

  • The mistake you can’t live down.
  • The affair.
  • The addiction.
  • The abuse.
  • The shame.
  • The fear.
  • The anorexia.
  • The self hate.
  • The lies and deceit.
  • The hidden hatred for people.
  • The need to control everything.

In our own hands, this dirt is just dirt.

In God’s hands?

  • He can use it for His eternal purpose.
  • He can mold and form a vessel of honor.
  • He can raise up and dry off.
  • He can cause it to live and not die.
  • He can spit on dirt and produce a miracle.
  • He can write on dirt and set us free from shame.
  • He can make dirt beautiful.


That’s what God can bring forth from your dirt.

So why should we expend all of our energy making our dirt look less dirty, when we can bring it to Him and put it in His hands?

He is a green God.

He isn’t unaccustomed to working with dirt: that’s all He’s ever needed.