My girls love to sing.

September 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

My wife taught my daughter’s a song to sing while they pick up their toys. It’s a very cute song and speaks of everyone everywhere doing his or her share. Really it’s a genius tool for making this boring chore a little more exciting.

I noticed today that one of my daughters enjoys singing this song – and that’s it. She nails the notes, has a cute little voice, but doesn’t actually do what she is singing about.

She must be a church girl.

I think if we took inventory, a lot of us Christians would find that we do the same all the time. We can sing some of the greatest songs ever written, but we don’t actually do what we are singing about. Take some time to think about what you sang last Sunday in church; and then compare that to what you have been doing all week. Is it more than a song? Have you been guilty of what my daughter is guilty of?

Are we only enamored with the energy of the moment? Or are we emerging as disciples of Jesus?

Let’s make a concerted effort to do more than sing. Let’s act.

If we sing about deep worship, let’s go deep in our worship. Instead of just singing about loving each other, why don’t we show love to somebody this week? Praise songs are very powerful when your praise-o-meter goes higher on Monday then it did on Sunday.

I don’t enjoy having to constantly remind my daughter to do more than sing; and I’m sure you don’t enjoy having your pastor always pushing you to do certain things either. A lot of tough things wouldn’t have to be preached if they were already being done.

Many of David’s songs in the songbook called Psalms, were words that he lived out on a regular basis. Therefore, they had weight and power. And look how long those songs have endured. There is a lasting quality to songs that have lips and lifestyle locked together in holy matrimony.