How to face your trial with faith.

September 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

Genesis 22:5 – And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again unto you.

Trials come to the best of God’s people. God never had to test Lot. God generally brings tests to those that are emerging as His disciples.

Abraham was asked of God to offer his only son on the altar of sacrifice. He carried the wood and the fire, and started the uphill journey to the biggest trial of his life.

He powerfully paused, looked at his wondering servants, and proclaimed that he and Isaac would come back from this experience. That is a powerful pause.

Face your test with audacious faith. Proclaim that you will come out of this, before you step into it.

Say it loud enough for:

1. Your servants. The people who are watching you go through your deepest valleys often feel helpless and hopeless. They aren’t allowed to interject their own remedies. They can’t pray you out; fast you out, or pull you out. This is between you and God. Help the helpless by proclaiming your faith in your God. He won’t take you into something that He hasn’t already planned to pull you out of. But the servants at the bottom of the mountain need reassurance.

2. Yourself. Speak faith for personal reasons. Multiple times in the Gospels, Jesus spoke about His personal three-day come back. He was speaking loud enough for His flesh to hear – I am going to come out of this. When the uphill climb is causing your soul to ache – speak faith. God will never take you to something that He isn’t going to take you through. Let the weak say “I am strong.” Say it, until every fiber in your faith believes it.

3. Your Mountain. Every test is a test of faith. Your shield of faith won’t shield you from the test; but it will protect you from losing the faith that triggered the trial in the first place. Let your trial know: you aren’t going to strip me of my faith.

4. Your God. He promised that Isaac would be the heir to the fruitfulness placed in Abraham’s family. Abraham was reminding God of His previous promise. Speaking faith to God is biblical. It is proving to the teacher that you have confidence in His plan and path.

Your preemptive word of faith, prophecies to your own destiny. Water the soil of your future promise land with words of faith and hope.