Teach me how to walk

May 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

I am 35 years old now and I feel every day of it. Getting old sure requires some adjusting. Can you imagine living to be 900 years old? I wonder if back in Genesis they felt their aches and pains as early in life as we do? Or if 35 to them was 750? Who knows? I do know that living that long gives you the opportunity to grow and learn. The changes you would see in that span of time would be unbelievable.

It was said of Enoch, that at 65 years of age he began to walk with God. It was a walk that pleased God. It was a walk that ultimately ended with one final step into the heavens. He was not for God took him.

Do you know that Adam and Enoch were alive at the same time? Interesting. I wonder if Adam was the one who took Enoch aside and said don’t waste your life son. You are 65 years of age now and you are in-step with man, but out of step with God. Let me show you how to walk with God.

Originally it was Adam in the garden that walked with God in the cool of the day. Just one step in front of another. Walking in the Spirit. Oh, he must have missed that privilege. I may be throwing out a stretch conference point here, but I believe that Adam mentored Enoch on the proper way to get in stride with God.

You can say a lot about our present generations abilities and talents. But few of us really have a walk with God. I thank God for elders among us that aren’t as flashy, but know how to get in-step with God. Adam, there are plenty of Enoch’s out there that would love a little training.

A couple of questions for Adam:

1. Is walking with God, more about rhythm or repetition?

2. How much talking did you do? How much did God do?

3. Was the cool of the day your special time? Do you recommend a special time as opposed to a continuos, but not as pointed, conversation?

4. What changed with your walk when you got a wife?

5. What challenges did your children add to your daily time with God?

6. Do you talk with God in normal, everyday tones? Or do you raise your voice and intensify your speech?

7. We know you experienced failure – what adjustments did you make after your fall?

8. What effect did the knowledge of your sin and nakedness have? Did it make you walk faster to compensate? Or slower because of condemnation?

9. Did you have a hard time balancing relationship and responsibility? Meaning, did you pray because of your responsibility? Or because you longed for relationship? Or both?

10. Did you have a belly button?