How to move from Emotion to Devotion.

January 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

The emotion of the moment is often the result of the commotion of the Spirit.

It plays out many different ways depending upon your current experience with Jesus.

Emotional moments

You might hear of great miracles overseas. The Missionary presents his passion and you are caught up in the moment. Tears flow and vows are made. Perhaps the seed of a calling is planted that very moment.

You attend a conference and are inspired by the success of other pastors. In a faith frenzy you shout out that your church is going to triple. You high-five about seven others and stand on your tip-toes in anticipation of what’s getting ready to happen in your city.

The man gets up out of the wheel chair and you instantly think of all your friends with cancer, and other life threatening ailments. You want to get them all into the presence you just felt so they might get healed too. You instantly want to call every one of them.

The message is preached about the work of the cross. The blood is painted deep red through the words of the preacher. You feel the need for change and make the move to the altar, expressing your fresh desire for deliverance. I will never be the same again.

Devotion is greater than emotion

Emotions are powerful. Emotions must turn into devotion. That’s the tricky part of the equation.

It’s easy to get inspired. It’s much harder to turn inspiration into perspiration. Working out the vision takes much sweat and determination.

Emotion must turn into devotion.

Emotion gone wild

Pharaoh witnessed first hand the finger of God loosed on his nation. After 10 plagues, the death of his own firstborn son, and the deliverance of a nation: Pharaoh became emotional.

The man with the hard heart was moved by the moment.

Exodus 12:31-32 – And he called for Moses and Aaron by night, and said, Rise up, and get you forth from among my people, both ye and the children of Israel; and go, serve the Lord, as ye have said. Also take your flocks and be gone; AND BLESS ME ALSO.

Bless me also. Wow!

Those are the words of a man that is experiencing the emotions of the moment. He has been whittled down to the bare essence of humanity and recognizes his need for God.

It’s a common tale

However, this moment is short lived. With all of the king’s horses and all of his men, he pursued after Moses to kill him and make Israel his slaves again.

It didn’t have to end like that. If that newfound emotion had turned into devotion, Pharaoh could have experienced lasting life change.

High on emotion. Low on devotion.

How do we move from emotion to devotion?

How to move from Emotion to Devotion:

1. Journal. Write down what you are feeling and what you hope to do in the future. Record every nuance and feeling. This is a word written by you for you. When what you are doing next gets tough, this written testimony will remind you why you are doing it in the first place.

2. Buddy up. Find a friend that you can tell your plans to. Ask them to pray with you about it. Ask them to call and check on your progress. Telling somebody your new devotion helps to solidify it as being real. Now you are accountable to a friend. This helps.

3. Lace up your Nikes. Just do it. The start stops most people. Get after it now. Don’t wait.

4. Pray through. This is praying until you’ve grabbed a hold of your goal spiritually. You might not have it physically, but you’ve seized it in prayer, by faith.

5. Wear Bifocals. See the big picture and the details in the same glance. Think in increments. What little step am I going to take towards my big goal?

6. Connect the dots. Read your Bible and see how your devotion connects to the story of God. Is your devotion connected to His mission? Is Jesus the catalyst for your movement? What’s the Bible tell me about me?