Elevators are too slow.

June 22, 2012

I recently visited a man from our church that was in the hospital following a foot amputation. ConnectPoint has had a time of corporate prayer for him on Sunday’s and Jesus made Himself famous. He is home, his spirit is incredible, the doctors are shocked at his recovery time (should have been in the hospital at least 3 weeks longer), but Jesus had other plans.

As I was leaving the hospital, excited about the good report, I pressed the down button on the elevator. I waited. Then waited some more. I pressed the down button again. And again. And again. Finally, the elevator beeped and the door opened. I probably pressed the button at least 5 times.

The elevator system received the notification the first time I pressed the button. Computers, wires, transmission, and floor shifts all began to take place at the same time. My second and third presses did nothing to affect the speed of the elevator. It was already coming.

I just ran out of patience – very quickly.

That’s a lot like my prayer life. I wonder how many times my prayers are answered the first time I pray in faith? The Spirit shift begins to take place. The prayer is being answered and is just running through God’s process, but I am getting aggravated and agitated.

I need to learn patience.

The elevator isn’t broken, it sensed the down button the first time. My prayer is on its way. However, I wear myself, and heaven out with irritation and impatience.

Maybe you are pressing your prayer button constantly over the same thing. It could be that your prayer is already answered and you just need to learn there is a process involved. Maybe through God’s answer He is trying to change your heart. Maybe the timing isn’t right.

But more often than not, like Daniel, our prayer was answered the first time; it just took 21 days to get here (Daniel 10:12).

Wait on it.

Or, you could just take the stairs. But that is a whole different matter altogether.