Don’t touch my pigs.

September 23, 2011 — Leave a comment

Jesus came to the land of the Gadarenes to deal with two major problems: the demoniac, and the pigs.

The demoniac was a menace to society. He was naked, unstoppable, and a vocal evangelist to the effects of hell on an individuals life (the devil will strip, wound, and chain you). Isolated and intolerable, this man met Jesus and was literally changed forever.

The demoniac problem is visible in many churches. This is the adulterer, the alcoholic, addict, child molester, etc. You don’t need discernment to point out this problem. They are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear. The person that refuses to be tamed is just one touch from deliverance. And they all need deliverance of some kind.

The pigs are a veiled problem. These beasts are categorized in the scriptures as unclean. The fact that any Jew had one let alone thousands; is unimaginable in the Jewish culture. Taboo, but tolerable.

Hogs aren’t as unruly as the demoniac. Pigs didn’t have the affect on the town that the demoniac had. They are still unclean.

The pig problem is less visible in the church. The lines of right and wrong are hazy and vague. This sin manifests itself in the closeted areas of life. The pigs are the hypocrites in church, the pride of life, prejudice, and other unsexy problems.

The devils are in both the demoniac and the pigs.

The gospel that Jesus preached was originally intended to touch every area of our lives. He doesn’t only restore Prodigal sons; He also revives cold Elder brothers. The gospel is for the sins of the flesh and spirit.

The Gadarenes wanted Jesus to deal with Legion, but were irritated when he delivered their pigs. Loose Legion, but don’t dig where we live.

What about us? We religiously point to the homeless alcoholic as a sinner in need of salvation. What about the saint that has sinner’s problems?

Are we hungry enough for Jesus that we will take Him to the caves for demoniacs, and the corrals for our pigs? Can we cry for Jesus to deal with the spider webs on the soul? Will we denounce the hidden things of dishonesty, and the secret imagery of the heart?

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. Do I have any demoniac style sins in my life that will require deliverance?

2. Can I name them?

3. Is it easy to point out other people’s demoniacs?

4. Do I have any pigs that Jesus needs to set free?

5. Why do I fight for my pigs and let the demoniac be delivered without any argument?

6. Why does it cost more to lose my pigs, than to have demoniacs delivered?

7. Is it worse to have 2,000 devils or 2,000 pigs?

8. What problem creates more stink?

9. Do I really want a move of God in my life?

10. Would I rather have the demoniac possessed, so I could keep my pigs?

11. Did I really think I could have a move of God in my area and it not disturb my personal business?

12. Should I patent deviled ham?