Don’t take God’s name in vain

November 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

I cannot believe that I have been married now for six years. Amazing. Time flies when you’re having fun. I can still remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. All of the details. I can still hear the songs in my mind. I can still remember what my father said when he officiated the ceremony. Our after party was off the hook. My good friend Tyler hosted the shindig and believe me –  you missed it if you weren’t there.

Six years ago Melinda took my name for better or for worse. The relationship has been great. It surely hasn’t been always easy. I was a bachelor for 30 years so obviously I have had to learn and unlearn a lot of things. The testing and trying moments are outweighed by a myriad of great times. We love each other and are growing daily in that love. For better or for worse.

Moses went on a mountain and was handed 10 commandments. The third commandment warns God’s people to not take His name in vain. By this, He does not mean to just avoid profanity.

I have recently renovated my idea about this commandment. When Melinda married me she committed to take my name till death do us part. God is saying don’t just say you are my disciple and then not live like it. Don’t just take my name in salvation, and then end the relationship.

If you have taken Jesus’ name, continue to act like it. Live for Him. Try your best to please Him. Let this be a lifetime journey. Sure there are going to be good times and tough times. But a disciple is in the relationship for better or for worse. Why experience His name and turn back?

I’m thinking if the first six years have been this blessed; what about the next forty?

I feel the same way about my Jesus. I am serving Him for the long haul. Amazingly, each year is better than the last. What a God.

By the way: we take His name in baptism. Or was that a title we took?