Doing good?

April 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

I’m thankful that when we are down to nothing, God is often up to something.  For a lot of us, God had to treat us like Jacob, and wrestle us to a revelation of our need of Him.  Sometimes God must first bring us low, so He can lift us high.

How many of us have seen the terminally ill with nowhere to turn, come in the church doors and turn to God?  Or perhaps we see the addict who has spent all his money and lost his family in pursuit of an addiction, and now with nowhere to turn … he turns to God.  People living negative lives obviously need a positive God.

However, God isn’t just the God of those that are low.  The gospel isn’t just salvation to those coming from the valley.  Jesus is also the God to those that are doing good.  And the fact that you are doing good doesn’t mean you don’t need God.

Matthew and Luke record the account of Jesus calling His disciples to become fishers of men.  They were professional fisherman and Jesus challenged them to leave their trade behind and use their honed skills for His kingdom.  Remember, the disciples had just had their greatest catch of fish when the call came to leave fishing to follow Jesus.  This multitude of fish were laying on the shore ready to be harvested.  These weren’t people at a low, rather these were guys on a high.  And even though it was good, they still left all for God.

No amount of earthly treasure can compare to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Even if your life is at an all time high, you are still missing out if you’re not walking with Jesus.

Most people can follow Jesus when their lives are less than exemplary.  In contrast, these disciples submitted to the call when they were doing well.  This level of submission is what was behind the revolution that ensued.