Discipleship for Dummies

October 16, 2012

This is a post by Michael Glover

Have you ever wished for a Discipleship for Dummies book? I mean that would make this discipleship process so much easier!

In the Gospels, we get the opportunity to see Jesus show us His Discipleship for Dummies program.

He uses it with Peter, bringing him from basic training to mission ready, right in front of us.


How did Jesus do it? He began and ended his verbal instruction to Peter with the same instruction, “Follow Me …” (Matthew 4:19 KJV) and “Follow thou Me …” (John 21:22 KJV).

Everything in between, shows us Peter’s own process as an emerging disciple of Jesus.

There you go, Discipleship for Dummies. “Follow Me”.

I know as babies, it’s sometimes hard to walk in a straight line, we stumble and fall often; but if we just keep getting up and following Him – I think He is going somewhere!

Follow Me.