The emerging disciple’s first step.

September 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

I enjoy reading on any given day. For instance, I recently was reading excerpts from an ancient Irish cookbook. I must tell you that the only thing I can cook is chili, so I wasn’t reading this book for any tips or insights, I was just reading. I came across a recipe for gourmet rabbit stew. This recipe was laid out point-by-point, precise and plain. There were many intricate details, but step number one was awesome. Catch your rabbit.

It is so basic that it’s funny. Obviously, before I worry about the correct measurement and mixture of the exotic spices, I must first have a rabbit to cook.

I wonder how many times we are caught up in the details of our life and forget about the basics?

The other day I found myself worrying over the format of Sunday’s sermon, and I realized I hadn’t talked to God about it yet. I took time to pray and all the ingredients of the sermon found their rightful place.

There is no point in having an intricate recipe if you don’t have anything to cook.

Perhaps you are trying to figure out the next step for your career, perpetually pondering the open avenues and tiring out your brain in the process. Don’t you think it would be easier if you just asked for God’s input to begin with?

The next steps for any emerging disciple are so important. We must be worried about growth. But before you start worrying about micro, you must see the macro. The disciple’s life is based on having Jesus as the locus: via prayer, worship, and bible intake. Many other principles are added and developed over time, but first you must catch the rabbit.

I believe that the recipe for your life is very important. I think we should be worried about the details. First of all –  we need the rabbit. We need God in the picture first.