What it takes to live like a disciple: Small Change

February 27, 2012

I have a newfound friend that is beginning to emerge as Jesus’ disciple. He is a learner. His desire for Jesus is palpable.

These are 2 essential ingredients in the life of a Christ follower.


A few days ago he was sitting at a table reading in some kind of public venue. He sat there meditating on Jesus and his new way of life.

How can I move beyond the failures of my past?

How do I live life by divine design?

These and other questions were asked in silent conversation.

Shortly after posing these questions, a man walked by shaking a couple of quarters in his hand. No doubt rushing to the nearest vending machine for his favorite beverage (occasionally I drink Dr. Pepper 10 – a drink for men). As the stranger jingled the change in his hand walking by my observant friend’s table, he suddenly had a moment of clarity. He started to think about those coins.

Small change

That’s the answer.

Small change is how you move beyond your failures.

Small change in the right direction will lead to a life of purpose.

He smiled as he told me his revelation. This was something he could do. It made the long journey as a disciple look feasible.

I thought it was good too.

As we emerge as a disciple of Jesus, we should focus on small change.

What’s my next step?

Our spiritual map should be measured in feet and not miles. Miles can be overwhelming overtime. Feet? I can do that.

  • Adjust your attitude here.
  • Repent over that action there.
  • Pray 10 minutes, then 15, and so on.
  • Serve one Sunday a month in your church.
  • Focus on one trait of Jesus that you’d like to assimilate into your own life.
  • Start reading a version of the Bible that makes sense to you.
  • Journal your journey with Jesus looking for daily patterns that need tweaking.
  • Write down the name of one friend you’d like to lead to Jesus. Pray for them. Spend time with them. Lead them to Jesus.

Small change can pay huge dividends.

Start investing in your spiritual future.