The Devil taught me how to pray: 2011 Re:Post

December 23, 2011 — Leave a comment

Looking back at some of my top viewed blogs posts of this past year, I’ve decided to post a few that people really seemed to enjoy. Here’s one that got a lot of response. Check it out.

The Devil taught me how to pray

You didn’t misread the title of this blog. The devil has taught me a few pointers about prayer. I’m not trying to be sacrilegious or spooky: but the devil was in heaven and definitely knows a thing or three about spiritual things.

When Jesus showed up into the land of the Gadarenes, He was met by a devil possessed man who was haunted and haunting. This demoniac, called Legion, had up to 6,000 devils inside of him. His current desperate condition must have taken years to amass: but when he worshipped, he was delivered in just a few seconds.

Yes – we serve a bad God!

It was during deliverance that the devils prayed a powerful prayer to Jesus. You can read about it in Mark 5:7-12.

Here are a few key points to the devil’s prayer:

1. Passion. The devil cried out with a loud voice. Nothing gets the attention of Jesus like radical passion. Add some reverent fervency to your prayer and watch how quick God shows up with His fireworks.

2. Authority. The devil recognized Jesus’ supreme authority. You must wrap your mind around the concept that Jesus is able to do whatever it is you are asking of Him. All things in heaven, in earth, and under the earth; bow down to His supreme authority. Your prayer should reflect the astounding authority of God. Pray big prayers because your God is a big God.

3. Two-way conversation. The devil and Jesus actually had a conversation. Prayer isn’t about me rattling off a list of wants and desires and then saying goodbye. Prayer requires that both you and Jesus talk. Heavenly directions are paramount to you getting a miracle.

4. Petition. The devils besought Jesus that He wouldn’t send them away. The word besought literally means to call to one’s side, to beseech or entreat. Pray with the confidence that Jesus is ready and willing to answer your prayer.

5. Direction. The devils specifically asked to be placed into the pigs. Clear direction is an absolute in your prayer. Do you have focus in your prayer? Pointed petitions produce targeted answers.

Amazingly, Jesus answered the devil’s prayer. Hello somebody! That is indeed a prayer answering God.

If Jesus will answer the devil’s prayer how much more is He ready to answer your prayer?