You gotta crawl before you can walk

July 19, 2011 — Leave a comment

Stepping into the service of our Savior can be very overwhelming. There are so many things to do, learn, and change. Making new friends, learning how to fellowship with Jesus, follow Jesus, be formed by Jesus, and fish for men. That’s enough to make even the greatest of overachievers feel overloaded.

Jesus has a great mission for His followers. To be a part of Jesus’ kingdom is to connect to something far greater than you. There are endless people to reach, prayers to pray, and places to go. Jesus only had three and a half years to gather, develop, and send His disciples out to embark on the greatest movement and mission known to man.

Jesus ultimately asked His disciples to give their lives for the message. That is asking a lot. But it’s Jesus’ ultimate goal. To have you surrender to Him heart, body, soul, mind and strength. However, Jesus commences this process with a simple, “Follow me.” He doesn’t say come and die. Rather, begin by following Me.

I can definitely do that. The come and die part seems pretty extreme, but right now, I can definitely follow Jesus. Think of your walk with Jesus in terms of increments. Don’t focus on a destination; what is your next step in this journey?

None of my kids were able to walk before they crawled. Crawling was as important to their development as walking is now. Their muscles becoming strong, their motor skills developing, were all necessary to their cognitive growth. To diminish the crawl is to hinder the walk.

Crawling as a Christian is a very necessary element of your emergence as a disciple of Jesus. Jumping right into walking, then running and flying will only serve to frustrate you. Mentally it’s overwhelming and actually serves as an obstacle to your growth. Just crawl. What can you assimilate into your life right now which overtime will accumulate into strength for your future walk?

Connect to God (pray daily). Experience life change with other believers (attend scheduled services). Serve the church & community (commit to volunteer on a team). These are all attainable increments. Crawlers can do this.

Soon you will develop tangible strength. You will learn truths you will link to your everyday life. Your prayer and praise life will become unique and authentic. One increment at a time your internal strength and substance will become more like His essence. It will feel natural to get up and walk. You want your life with Jesus to feel natural. Emergence is a process of revealing. Faith will be added to faith, strength to strength, glory to glory.

And then – you’ll take that first step.