Change changes

May 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

My babies are growing.  Some kind of fairy is shoving miracle-grow in their waffles.

I really like some of the clothes that no longer fit them.  It seems like they were only able to wear certain garments two or three times.  Bummer.  It’s also pretty expensive to outfit them every changing season.  Growth brings change.

When you look at any growing church, you will observe change.  Change is a constant factor in our church.  When we prayed for God to help us grow, some of our baby clothes were outgrown very quickly.  Practically, this means we had to replace, and move or upgrade some of our key leaders and staff members. We have had to raze, rethink, and rebuild many of our paradigms and systems. It’s inconvenient, expensive, and at times painful. It’s also inevitable.

Individually, as you grow, be prepared to upgrade your spiritual wardrobe.  Change the way you think.  Shift your schedule.  Alter routines.

Inconvenient? Yes.
Necessary? Absolutely.

There aren’t too many people that really like change.  We get comfortable with what we know and are familiar with.  Change is risky.  Change is uncomfortable.  But, change is absolutely paramount to the growth of a church.

When Israel was journeying to the Promise Land, they moved 42 different times.  That is a lot of change.  2-3 million people moving camp 42 times is huge.  Sometimes they moved forward, sometimes they moved laterally, and sometimes they actually went backwards; but each and every move was ordained by God.  And since indoor plumbing wasn’t going to be discovered for a few more years, everywhere they were for any length of time would begin to stink.  Stink, generally is a good mark that you need to change.

Amidst all this change there were several constants: God, God’s redemption, and God’s word.

What did change?

1. Perspective.
2. Position.
3. Paradigms.
4. Procedures.

What changes is the Holy Spirit directing you to make?  What have you decided you will never change?