Don’t kill your brother because he isn’t a twin

January 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

Twins were rare in the Bible.

Jacob and Esau.

Pharez and Zarah.

Timothy might have been a twin too.

That’s it. There aren’t any other twins in the Bible.

I don’t think that God is looking for identical twins in the church.

We are. He isn’t.

Churches can do church however they feel led. We don’t have to be twins.

Being brethren is all that should matter.

Harvest is Harvest

During the time of war, the Gileadites killed their Ephraimite brethren over verbiage.

These two tribes said the word Shibboleth differently.

The Ephraimites couldn’t pronounce Shibboleth with the ‘h’ sound. They said ‘Sibboleth’.

The Gileadites destroyed their brethren because they didn’t say the word the exact same way.

The words they spoke differently mean the same thing. They both basically mean ‘harvest’.

There are minor differences to these words, but the overall meaning doesn’t differ much; at least not enough to kill somebody over.

Civil wars are the ugliest kind of war. Brother fighting brother. Friend destroying friend. This shouldn’t be.

Brother’s, but not twins

Churches aren’t required to be identical.

  • Some preachers preach on stools and others scream behind pulpits.
  • Some worship with guitars and others use Hammond organs.
  • Some churches are casual and others dress to the nines.
  • Some church services last 60 minutes, while others last 180 minutes.
  • Some churches have altar calls and others don’t.
  • Some churches have midweek services. Others have small groups.
  • Some churches have coffee stands. Others have wire tract stands.

Does it matter?

Harvest is what matters.

Maybe the way you do harvest is more effective than my style.

I can learn from you. We can learn from each other.

The harvest is what’s important.