Don’t turn 4, until you’re done being 3.

August 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

My youngest daughter, Taylor, was recently asked when she was going to be four. She replied, “When I’m done being 3!” Don’t you love children? What an outstanding answer. Taylor isn’t done living as a 3 year old, and obviously is in no rush to be four.

Our Christian development is described as moving from glory to glory, faith to faith, and strength to strength. Travel in the kingdom of God is dimensional. We are currently on a level which is going to lead us to another level. We are emerging as disciples of Jesus Christ. Churches as a whole experience stages of growth much like children. Not unlike a child maturing into adolescence, a church starts small but is destined for bigger things.

Samuel outgrew his coat every year; therefore his mother made him a new one to facilitate the changing framework of her son. Churches shed mantles as well. We outgrow our present anointing only to be fitted with a different size. It’s exciting to recognize that indeed the sky is the limit. Our audaciously amazing God can do above all we could ever ask or think. We are growing into greatness.

But while you are three, don’t spend the whole year wishing you were four. There are experiences and growth which happen throughout the year that only three year olds encounter. Understanding is deepened, speech is spurred on by real conversations, and it’s still ok to get dirty and wear your pajamas on the plane. Our parents do more for us at three than they do at four. Responsibilities and restrictions are enforced at four like they aren’t at three. The kiddy pool is still big enough to enjoy, drawing outside the lines is the norm, and somebody else will blow your balloon up for you. Your vitamins taste like candy, and who cares if you have some chubs on your tummy?

You are the new kid on the block at Sunday School, and everything is fun and loud. Naps are needful, pudding is running like a river, and your bike has training wheels. Daddy’s collar is your saddle and mommy’s lap is your haven. McDonalds is the bomb, chili on Mondays is awesome, and you can play cute and avoid trouble. What a year!

Live to the fullest whatever dimension you are going through. The things you learn, the experiences you have, and the relationships which are solidified, are all priceless. Don’t spend all your energy trying to be four when you are three. Enjoy where you are. Maximize this moment. Wistfully wishing you were at your older brother’s stage of ministry, takes the pleasure out of the process. Sooner than you think you will journey on, leaving behind a growth period which was blessed and exciting. Celebrate your current place in God. You are being shaped and formed into the future you. The future you will be fortified with joy and love if the present you grows one day at a time.

Don’t turn 4 until you are done being 3.