1 thing to do when hope is against you.

October 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

Hope is tough to deal with.

It is easier to tell ourselves that we are going to deal with the death of our loved one. We can manage that. We can prepare ourselves for the worst, and condition our minds to accept the unwelcome outcome.

It takes something altogether different to have hope.

What if I pray and believe and speak positive and they still die? How can I manage the mess when I was preparing for the miracle?

I can handle a lot of things – hope isn’t one of them.

Proverbs says that hope deferred makes the heart sick. How true is that statement? When are we going to get our miracle? When is when? I believe, Lord help my unbelief.

I was part of a conversation recently that awakened me to the realization that hope floats away sometimes. A man who had been hoping for a certain miracle for 16 years began to describe his emotional ups and downs. There were moments where he almost had his hands around his miracle; only to have it snatched away seconds later. An endless battle raged in his mind as positive thinking and negativity desperately fought for control. Now he had enough. He said he was going to prepare himself for the worst. As voices plead with him to hold on, he refused. He stated that he could handle anything that was to come. The only thing he could no longer handle – was hope.

I believe that Abraham fellowshipped these feelings.

Romans 4:18 – Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be.

He hoped for a God-given child from Genesis 12-21. By the time God was ready to produce the promise, both Abraham and Sarah’s bodies were dead. The miracle had taken too long to manifest.

To be against hope, is to have hope separate from your being. It’s standing near you, but now it’s become your adversary. Do you ever feel like hope is your enemy? It takes so much courage to keep hope alive after years of discouragement.

So what do you do? You believe in hope anyway. You believe in the power that hope possesses. Even when you are not capable of exuding hope yourself. Faith fuels hope. Faith lifts hope out of the ash heap of burned desires and brings it back. The aforementioned text did not say that Abraham hoped; it says he believed in hope.

Remember that the promises of God are not your words. They are His. If He said it, it will come to pass. Abraham became the proud father of Isaac when he was 100 years old.

Get your hopes up.

Get your faith energized.

Believe in hope, even when hope is against you.