Adjust it

May 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s amazing what a little adjustment can do to help your goals become realitiy.  For instance, cutting out soda has trimmed down the calories in my daily diet tremendously.  And deciding to drink coffee at home instead of at Starbucks has helped my finances immensely.  Little adjustments that in the long run make for some incredible gains.

Jeremiah was instructed by God to go watch a potter work with a piece of clay.  As Jeremiah observed the potters process, he noticed that the clay was marred in the potters hands.  Amazingly enough, the  potter doesn’t throw out the piece of clay; rather he adjusts the clay a little and produces a vessel that is fit for use.  The potter didn’t discard the clay.  Nor did he add anything to the clay.  Really all the potter did was adjust what was already there.

Many of us are just a few adjustments away from becoming what we were born to become.  We don’t need anything added or taken away, all we need is to be adjusted a little bit.  What little adjustments could you make in your life?

1. Team leaders could place their inefficient personnel into a new position and watch them prosper.

2. Turn the T.V. off for 30 minutes and use that time for prayer and meditation, and watch your anointing increase.

3. Take one day a week as a family-only day to be used for bible study and family prayer, and experience Jesus together in a new way.

4. Cut out all snacking after 7 p.m. and your weight will start to go down quickly.

5. Perhaps a few Sundays a month you can invite a friend over for dinner and compel them to come experience Jesus at church.

What do you need to adjust?