Social Networking

August 13, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is Part 11 of the A Luke 10 Moment series.

Luke 10:1-13

During the instruction phase of this mission, Jesus laid down some pretty strict guidelines as to what they were to do or not do. From an outside glance, one of Jesus’ orders seemed rude. Salute no man. I thought they were there to win people, and yet Jesus gives this command.

Perhaps to shed a little more light on the why and wherefore of this command, I consulted a well known bible scholar. Look at his commentary on why Jesus said this.

Luke 10:4 “Salute no man.” They were not to take time for the long, tedious, formal, and usually meaningless salutations of Orientals. These instructions were also intended to reprove another propensity, which an Oriental can hardly resist, no matter how urgent his business. If he meets an acquaintance, he must stop and make an endless number of inquiries, and answer as many. If they come upon men making a bargain, or discussing any other matter, they must pause and intrude their own ideas, and enter keenly into the business, though it nowise concerns them; and, more especially, an Oriental can never resist the temptation to assist when accounts are being settled or money counted out. The clink of the coin has a positive fascination to them. (William M. Thompson. Peloubet’s Notes, 1931, page 75.)

In other words, Jesus was advising His disciples to beware of idle networking. Networking that isn’t being pushed by a purpose or a mission, can really hinder the harvest. Today we don’t have these customs to worry about. Actually, our networking problem is worse. Currently we have so many different media outlets that enable networking that we can spend multiple hours daily without any real mission or purpose.

Obviously, social networking has plenty of positives, but beware of its ability to get you off of your mission. Hours idly spent posting, perusing, or playing, can add up very quickly. These are hours that could have been spent serving in your local church, community, or family.

The harvest is so ripe, and time is so short, that we need to be careful how we are spending our time. God isn’t against social networking. But He is against anything that get’s you off of your mission.