Simple Church Growth Plan

May 10, 2012

We enable experiences and interactions that leave our people saying, “I love my church.”

So they’ll tell their friends, “You’ve got to come check out my church!”

Their friend’s come; we worship Jesus and preach the Gospel with excellence.

Their friends leave saying, “I really like this church.”

Their experience draws them to come back again and again until they say, “I love my church.”

And they tell their friends, “You’ve got to come check out my church.”


This growth plan is very simple, but powerful. The greatest growth comes from personal contacts.

The friends you have are your mission field. Generally people that stick in church, do so because they have friends in the church.

Why not write three names of your friends on a card and pray over these friends for three months. We call this the 3×3 plan.

For three months create opportunities to connect with these three individuals. Finally, compel them to come to church. And when they finally agree to come, the growth plan will kick into gear.

We believe they will transition from visiting this church, to calling it my church.