Position = Power

September 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is Part 17 of the A Luke 10 Moment series.

Luke 10:1-17

It was prayer request time in this text. Jesus simply asked that His disciples would pray for themselves. He wanted them to pray that more people would get involved in His mission. Their prayer wasn’t for the cities, sinners, or even healing: their prayer was simply to get the people of God involved in His mission.

Jesus guaranteed that if His people would get into their position – power would be loosed.

Position = Power

If the people of God get mobilized on Jesus’ mission, then the result will be an automatic demonstration of power. That simple. There isn’t a need to pray for the gifts to operate, or the funds to come in; just pray for ourselves. Lay your hands on your own head and pray that you might get into your proper place.

After we have prayed for ourselves, Jesus simply said – heal the sick. Just find sick people and heal them. There wasn’t a big fancy process involved, no secret formula to be spoken – Jesus just proclaimed that if His people are in the right position, then power would automatically flow.

Miracles, demonstration, and healing, are all byproducts of His people getting into position.

Position = Power.