Pinpointing Pins

May 10, 2011 — Leave a comment

The tabernacle that was pitched in the wilderness is one of my favorite topics to study.  What a structure it was.  Created to be completely portable.  Fashioned to withstand the onslaught of the wilderness winds and weather.  An absolutely perfect design.  Have you ever wondered what it was that caused that portable church to stand up in any place, under any conditions?

The tabernacle framework consisted of 48 boards overlaid with gold.  These boards stood in 96 sockets of silver and were braced by 5 bars on each of it’s 3 closed sides.
In the outer court there were 60 pillars in brass sockets holding up a 5 cubit high white linen fence.

The covering for the Holy Place was curtains of fine linen, goat hair, ram skins dyed red, and badger skins.

What a structure!  It would have been amazing to worship in such a place.  But, what held it all together?  Surely the strength was the boards.  Or the silver sockets.  Something dazzling and glorious.

In actuality, what held the church up were pins attached to cords that were pounded into the ground all around this portable church.  The cords were attached to the church, while the pins were nailed into the ground.  Unseen.  Hidden under the surface.  Hidden but holding up the church.

Therefore, the ministry that holds the church up isn’t the brilliant golden rods, nor the stalwart boards, rather it’s the ministry behind the scenes, hidden from view but essential.

To every individual in ConnectPoint that works behind the scenes, I thank you.  Without you where would the church be?  We need more of you.  There isn’t a lot of glory to setting up the stage and tearing it down.  You aren’t on the front-lines when you are working in the nursery.  But we fail as a church without you.  You are holding us up.  I thank you for holding your place.