Macro and Micro

October 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is Part 25 of the A Luke 10 Moment series.

Luke 10:1-17

Jesus proclaimed that the harvest was great. Therefore, let’s not be satisfied with good. Sometimes we can be seduced by the secondary. Sometimes good becomes the enemy of the best.

Jesus sent His disciples into cities. That is the macro vision. Ultimately, that is the great harvest that Jesus was speaking of. Macro vision must come first. See the big picture. Dare to dream that the kingdom of God will impact your city.

But then Jesus instructed the disciples to enter houses. This is the micro vision. The micro vision is the key portion of any vision. For us to have a macro revival, we must have a micro strategy. Jesus knew that to reach cities; you do so, one house at a time.

How is your micro vision? It is one thing to talk about a citywide revival, and it is another to realize that citywide revivals come one household at a time. That is why we gather for worship and scatter for service. We scatter to our neighborhoods to reach households – one at a time.

Spokane is a vast city, stretched out into 5 major points. We have people living in all 5 areas. You are there to reach a household this week. That is how our great revival is going to unfold. Don’t be guilty of being so enamored by the macro, that you exclude the micro.

Nehemiah’s strategy for repairing the city of Jerusalem was to have each of the workers begin rebuilding their neighborhoods. That is still a great strategy. The city (macro) get’s repaired one neighborhood (micro) at a time.

What household are you currently speaking peace over, and praying for an open door of utterance to share the gospel? What kids in your neighborhood could you load up in your car for Sunday service? Micro.

Our mission statement: Making Jesus famous, one emerging disciple at a time.

We want Jesus to be famous in Spokane, and this will happen one household at a time. Have faith in our macro, and have follow through with our micro.