A Luke 10 Moment

July 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

Luke 10:1-17

This is the first post in the A Luke 10 Moment series. This post will serve as the landing page for the entire series the Table of Contents is at the end of this post.

Many of us in the Northwest understand at least a little bit about harvest time. We understand that there is a time of plowing, planting, preparing, persevering, and then picking. The harvest that Jesus was talking about was in the picking stage. While all of the other stages of the farming process are important, none is as important as harvest time. There is an expiration date to the picking stage. During harvest time, nothing else on the farm matters as much as getting into the fields and reaping the crops that have grown.

A Luke 10 moment, is when a church and a city connect. When God has prepared a vast harvest of souls, the church must recognize the importance of getting into the fields immediately. A Luke 10 moment requires all hands on deck. It requires the church to live in the now and step into their cities with a renewed urgency. A Luke 10 moment requires a Luke 10 response.

Our adversary doesn’t care how much we know, or what kind of power circulates in our church buildings. What scares hell is when we say, “Let me now go to the field!”

A big harvest calls for big faith. A big harvest calls for radical prayers. A big harvest needs a big response. Every bit of personnel, finance, and strategy, at ConnectPoint is being pointed at our harvest. All the prayers that have been prayed in the past, all the seeds that have been sown over the years, and all the pastors that have preceded me, have gotten us to where we are. I refuse to let our Luke 10 moment pass us by. What about you?

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