His face looses His hand

August 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is Part 9 of the A Luke 10 Moment series.

Luke 10:1-13

I’m thankful that the bible speaks about a invisible God in easy to understand human terms. When the bible speaks about God having human attributes, it doesn’t mean that He does, the bible describes Him this way so we can better understand Him.

For instance, when the bible talks about the hand of God, it is talking about His abilities and authority. The hands of God speak to us of His tangible work (e.g., healing, miracles, etc.). The Luke 10 account describes His dominion over sickness, sin, and satan. This is the hands of God at work. When you see a visible demonstration of God’s power in a church service, you are witnessing the hand of God. What a hand!

When the bible speaks of the face of God, it is talking of God’s character, person, and His attributes. The face of God is revealing who God is, as opposed to what He does. When the bible says that we are to seek His face, it is literally saying that people need to pursue God for who He is and not for what He can do. Getting to know more about Him, requires face time. Gaining understanding of His glorious nature is a natural by-product of spending time with Him.

Notice that Jesus instructed His disciples to begin their mission – before His face. Their focus was Jesus’ face, and not His hand. The focus of the church was on beholding, not believing. His face was the priority. If they were journeying with His face as their focus then their journey would be successful.

The truth is, it was the focus on Jesus’ face that loosed His hand to demonstrate in these cities. Placing their priority on His presence and not His power, actually gave them both. For when we pursue His face, we will also experience His hand. For the bible said that after we pursued His face, then He would heal our lands (II Chronicles 7:14).

Do we have that equation out of order? Are we so focused on His power that we have forgotten about His person?

I say it is time to put our energy into engaging encounters with His face. Then, no doubt, we will see His hand.