Give – but can you receive?

September 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is Part 24 of the A Luke 10 Moment series.

Luke 10:1-17

The disciples were literally walking by faith. Which is a whole message in itself. Jesus told the disciples to speak peace, and heal the sick. They were on a mission to give. Give the broken world peace. And heal the same broken world.

They embarked on this mission with their minds on the needs of others. Their selfless ministry had great results. Stories were told all over the country. Stories of healing, deliverance, and freedom from fear, etc. Really, these people were being invited to be a part of the story of grace that began all the way back at the Garden of Eden. It is an open-ended story, which you can be a part of as well.

I personally have found, that it is easier to believe for other people to get healed, than it is for me to have faith for a personal miracle. These disciples were told by God, to not just give, but to also be open to receive. Everyday, Jesus provided housing, and meals, for His disciples. He told them to partake of what was given. Receive.

That is a word that cannot be forgotten when we are doing kingdom work. Not only are you going to help, you are going to be helped. Not only will you be used in healing, you will get healing. You must be open to receiving.

It is one thing to pray for a miracle, but can you personally receive a miracle?