Epoch Power

October 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is Part 27 of the A Luke 10 Moment series.

Luke 10:1-11:1

I think it’s interesting to observe how people handle their lives after a significant personal event. For instance, a family finds out that their father has cancer; now all that matters to them is spending quality time with their dad. The other priorities are pushed aside, and schedules are shifted to facilitate meaningful moments with their father. I might add, that quality and quantity are both necessary to nourish meaningful relationships. Deep conversations are awesome, but so are road trips where you don’t talk much at all but do enjoy each other’s company.

The same is true of spiritual events. When you come through a trial, you are more apt to trust God than ever before; because if He took me through that, He can take me through this.

The believers that were used mightily of God in Luke 10 experienced a life-altering event. The power that flowed through them was epoch. The stories they told, are still being told 2,000 years later. How did they shift their priorities after this event?

They came to Jesus and said, “Teach us to pray.”


They made the connection between power and it’s source. They realized that the secret was not in His name, but in His person.

The deeper my vertical relationship is, the greater my horizontal ministry will be.

After experiencing power they were only concerned with more prayer.

Prayer = epoch power.

The next time they are sent to minister, they are sent into the entire world.

The first time, it was just a few cities, now their influence encompasses the globe.