The 12 and 58.

September 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

This is Part 21 of the A Luke 10 Moment series.

Luke 10:1-17

The disciples had now been walking with Jesus for around 3 years. They are becoming what they are called – disciples. The best way for you to become an emerging disciple is to walk with Jesus and His believers. Not only will Jesus be rubbing off on you, but you are also learning from other’s at the same time.

For this particular mission, Jesus added 58 more believers. These aren’t people that have been through the 3 years of training and discipline. These 58 may have been brand new believers that just happened to be available for this mission. For this mission to have success, Jesus adds the 58 to the 12 that He had already trained.

The 12 disciples were now working alongside of 58 brand new disciples. These 58 don’t know what the 12 know. The 58 haven’t experienced what the 12 have experienced. But the 58 are absolutely vital to this mission.

For our mission to be completed – we need others. All of us that are emerging disciples and have been trained already, must realize that we cannot do the will of God by ourselves. This requires us looking beyond the inner circle. This requires us accepting brand new believers as fellow laborers in God’s harvest. This requires us having a shallow end of the pool that facilitates brand new people being involved in kingdom work.

Maybe some of the 12 will be transitioned out of their old positions. Perhaps some of the 58 are designed to work in areas that will require personnel to be shifted around. The fact remains – the 58 are needed in the harvest.

Sure, they haven’t gone through the 3 years of training. Still use them. Perhaps they don’t have every nugget of doctrine that the 12 have – still use them. The kingdom is about other’s. The harvest is only reaped with an “other’s” mentality.

Some pointers for the 12 and 58:

  • 12- don’t be territorial.
  • 12 – don’t call the trained, rather work with the called.
  • 12 – don’t require people to go through the same 3-year process you went through, in order to be used.
  • 12– make sure your team has a shallow end for anybody to get on board: plus a fast track for those that excel.
  • 12– work yourself out of a job.
  • 58– appreciate the wisdom and knowledge of the 12, and learn from their example.
  • 58– if God can make a lame man leap before he has ever walked, He can also put you on the fast track to greatness.
  • 58– don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of letting the 12 do everything; make up your mind that you will contribute however you can.
  • 58– your first job won’t be your last job. You are probably overqualified for the first task that is handed to you. Do that job with excellence. How you handle the little things, determines what great things are going to come your way.
  • 58– there is always a first time. Just because you have never prayed for the sick before, doesn’t mean that you can’t. As my Nike shirt says, “Just do it.”