Blog Series

Here are the series that I’ve either finished or am still working through.

I trust they are helpful and impacting. These series are either a sermon that I fleshed out further, a scripture passage that has captivated my mind, or a relevant topic that I feel would be beneficial to my readers. Take the time to explore these series, devour the truths, and even wrestle with the thoughts. I hope that they serve to make Jesus famous, and help you grow as His emerging disciple.


Issues. Who are you when no one’s looking? What harmful habits are you hiding, hoping that nobody will ever discover? What’s the problem you’ve tried to stuff way down deep, but it still seems to linger somewhere right under the surface? Is your future caged up in your past?

Instead of being dragged down and immobilized by the weight of guilt, pain, or a lingering sense of failure; what freedom could we find in getting some Treatment? We all have issues. Or do they have us?

Issues. We need Treatment.

Saturday Sermons

I enjoy viewing other preachers sermon outlines. It teaches me how other ministers think and process. The only hangup is that many preachers don’t like to share their messages. I understand where they are coming from. A preachers sermon isn’t easily come by. Pastors, preachers, and Bible teachers create new material weekly: not unlike an artist.

Much prayer, study, and time go into each and every message. Your message feels like a part of you. A lot of us are sensitive when it comes to anybody looking at our work.

I’d like to share my work with you. In this series, I will post a message a few Saturday’s a month. These will be the actual outlines that I study and use to preach from every Sunday.

Present day Patriarchs

This series is based off a sermon I preached by the same title on Father’s Day 2011. The series follows Jacob’s experiences in Genesis 33: there are 13 main points that form the steps to becoming a Present Day Patriarch.

I do believe that God is calling all fathers to become Present day Patriarchs. This series is all about leaders leaving a legacy that will impact their world for God.

A Luke 10 Moment

A Luke 10 moment, is when a church and a city connect. When God has prepared a vast harvest of souls, the church must recognize the importance of getting into the fields immediately. A Luke 10 moment requires all hands on deck. It requires the church to live in the now and step into their cities with a renewed urgency. A Luke 10 moment requires a Luke 10 response.

This series was born in a season when God was speaking to our church from Luke 10. I wrote 27 articles that were posted on our Facebook site – and they are now formatted for this series. I hope they inspire you and ignite a inward passion for all that God has for you and your city!

Confessions of a Pastor

This is a growing series born out of my desire to be transparent and honest with my issues and inward wrestlings. Pastor’s are as human as anybody else. We have dark moments, doubts, and constant battles. Ours is a life limited by a leadership lid that doesn’t allow for leaks or let downs.

In reality, we all lead with some sort of limp. I am going to confess some of the things I wrestle with. I hope my honesty helps you as a fellow emerging disciple.